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Claudie Bolduc, M.D.

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Medical School

McGill University Faculty of Medicine, 2017



Montreal, Quebec (Canada)



Running, hiking, swimming, aerial yoga, salsa dancing, cooking, chess, movies, live music/festivals, anything at the beach, traveling.


Why did you choose UCLA for residency?            

Academic and county mix, strength of faculty, support for research  and the people!


What are your areas of interest within EM or future career plans?          

Disaster medicine, administration, health IT/AI, critical care, social emergency medicine.


Are you involved in any research or national EM committees etc? If so, what?  

Not yet in the U.S.; past Board Member of the Quebec Medical Association (2015-2017).


What is your favorite place to visit/thing(s) to do in/memory from living in LA?

Running on the beach and hiking in Malibu. Concerts at Santa Monica pier.


What else do you do in your free time? What hobbies do you have?      

I am learning to play piano right now using You Tube and taking tennis lessons.


Is there any other info you'd like to share with applicants?         

The approachability of residents/staff combined with their clear dedication to teach is unlike anywhere I've been. Our class of co-residents got close so quickly and the organized socials with the other classes helped us get to know everyone within the first few weeks.  I am so happy here and the weather is the cherry on top!

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