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Emergency Medicine physicians must have a mastery that spans all of acute care medicine. Our field is ever-expanding and with a growing number of Emergency Medicine sub-specialties, we are truly Jacks and Jills of all trades! To prepare our residents for the challenges and opportunities of their careers, we provide them with a total of 20 weeks of electives. This time allows for the growth of personal knowledge and exploration of interests or areas of focus that will be important in the path to becoming leaders in Emergency Medicine both at home and abroad.

Electives are offered across a wide range of topics and residents are encouraged to develop their own electives should they have interests where a rotation is not already established. Many of our graduates have used elective time to prepare for fellowships and routinely match at top training programs in subspecialties, such as Ultrasound, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Critical Care. Residents choosing a career in community practice often secure positions of leadership within their practices and are regularly the go-to person for advanced knowledge. We find that our generous elective time, coupled with mentoring from our dedicated faculty, allows our senior residents to develop extra skills and knowledge in self-selected areas of interests, creating a strong foundation for a multidimensional and dynamic career.